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My name is Mike Whelan, I started Mike’s Tree Service back in 2003 after working several years for another very successful tree and landscape maintenance company. From the beginning my business model has been simple, do good work at a fair price and show up to do it when we say we will. I know people are busy and budgets are tight these days, so this simple formula has been the backbone of our success. We now have over 3,000 satisfied customers which include not only residential, but we’ve branched into property management (condos and apartments) home owner association, municipal, and several commercial clients. We have been from the beginning a family run business. When you call, you will talk with myself, or my wife Kendra. My brother Joe has been my foreman for over 8 years and all of my employees are people who I’m close with and have known many years. We have all the big equipment you would expect and several specialty machines like yard friendly aerial lifts, stump grinders, and UTVs to get into the lawn. Protecting and preserving existing landscaping is always of great importance to us. We are also up to date on the latest safety and tree work techniques. I want everyone that I work for to feel like they now have a trustworthy, skilled, and reliable tree company to call when we’re finished with their job. We live and work in Plymouth and are deeply rooted in the local community. I’m a member of the Plymouth Chamber of Commerce and have done several large jobs for the Township. I’m a Christian family man who always puts the customers best interest over profits. With me you will always get a honest answer even if that means we don’t get your job I’ll steer you to the right company for your needs.

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Do good work at a fair price and show up to do it when we say we will.


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