Stump removal doesn’t have to be expensive

Tree Stump Removal

Tree Stump Removal

Throughout the years we’ve noticed a lot of do it yourselves remove their own trees, especially when they are on the smaller side.  When this is done there is usually an unsightly tree stump left which is not only ugly, but has to be mowed around and in general is just unpleasant to look at. Stump removal doesn’t have to be expensive. We send out just one man, with one stump grinder, instead of a whole crew full of trucks and men which are not needed. By doing this the cost to us and the customer is cut by over half. Most of our stump jobs end up costing around $100, which is way less than the market average. All of our grinders are self propelled units which are designed to not leave a footprint on the lawn when we’re done. These machines can be dangerous and even deadly if not used by a skilled operator. So call the pros to do it for you, and we’re still cheaper than renting a machine on your own without any risk.



Cheaper than renting Stump grinder,  Way less than the market average

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